Football Mania Scratch Card

For the enjoyment of all football fans, the Football Mania Scratch Card will be a hit. This one of a kind Scratch Card recreates the ambiance of a football stadium through its graphics and audio background. The Football Mania Scratch Card is offered as a Flash Game. This game can be played at King Solomons Online Casino.

The aim of the Football Mania Scratch Card is to match one of the six symbols from the table on the far right to the one hidden behind the ball placed in the middle of the football ground. Winnings can reach an amount of €100,000 on the Football Mania Scratch Card game.

The Scratch Cards are worth various amounts. Players can purchase them for 0.50, 1, 2, 5 or 10 $/£/€. For each game session, a play card will be automatically be attributed to the player who has to option to replace it by another by clicking on the Shuffle tab. The game is then launched by clicking on the Play button and is signaled by the sound of the referee’s whistle.

There are seven fields in all to be scratched on the Football Mania Scratch Card; the Prize field itself, represented by a ball and 6 individual fields containing various symbols. The fields can either be scratched one after the other, in any order or by clicking on the Scratch All tab. When one of the symbols matches that behind the football, the crowd cheers for the winner.

Football Mania Scratch Card
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