Choosing An Online Casino FAQ

Choosing An Online Casino – 10 Key Questions Beginners Must Ask

So you are new to the on-line casino game and have no idea where to start.  The idea of gambling on-line thrills you and you can’t wait to experience it for yourself but you really aren’t too sure where to start.  There are so many on-line casinos out there.  How do you know which one is the right one for you? How do you choose your on-line casino?

Below there are 10 vital considerations before you sign up to any on-line casino.

1.Casino Games on Offer

There are so many different on-line casino games available to now including all of the old favourites such as blackjack, roulette, poker, slots and craps as well as an array of other games including lotteries, bingo, sports betting and various other skills games. There are also numerous specialist internet sites that are dedicated to specific games such as on-line poker that allow you to choose from various options like 7-Card stud and Texas Hold-em.

 2. The Casino’s Licenses.

There are two types of licenses that are important to on-line casinos.  These are the software license and the jurisdiction license.  Three of the biggest gaming software companes in the industry are Microgaming, Boss Media and CryptoLogic .  On-line casinos all go through a third-party gaming software company for their software and to use this software they need to acquire a software license by signing a contract with their chosen software company.   These are long-term contracts costing a lot of money so you can be sure that these casinos are financially stable in are in it for the long haul.   In addition, a reputable on-line casino will have a jurisdiction license from the regio in which they have based their operations.  This means that a casino will be independently audited by the country that has jurisdiction to ensure the casino’s adherence to various strict rules and regulations for payouts and financial transactions

 3. Security Measures

One of the most important considerations when selecting an on-line casino is its level of security when it comes to managing its players’ personal information and financial data.  You should check whether the on-line casino uses 128-bit SSL encryption which is highly secure and impenetrable to hackers

 4. How long has the on-line casino operating?

Another general guideline for finding a reputable casino is to check whether it has been operating for more that 5 years.

5. Payment and withdrawal methods available to players

On-line casinos generally offer a number of payment and withdrawal options to players.  The most common of these include Neteller, Moneybookers, credit card and bank transfer.  You should ensure that your chosen casino offers a payment method that suits you.  It is also vitally important that withdrawal methods available also suit your needs.  You should consider how quickly a withdrawal can be made using available methods and whether these methods incur an charges or fees.

 6. Privacy Policy

Before you consider handing over any of your personal information to an on-line casino you should read carefully and understand their privacy policy. How does the casino manage your personal information such as your email address.  How do they manage your credit card or other financial details?  You should make sure that the casino doesn’t distribute any of your information to unauthorised third parties.

 7. Customer Support Options

Customer support is one of the most important considerations for your choice of casino.  You need to ensure that the casino you choose offers customer support 24/7 all year round and that you can contact them by phone (preferably toll free), fax, live chat or email.  Casinos that offer an excellent level of customer support are sure to be highly reputable and honest in their management of disputes and issues.

 8. Sign-Up Bonuses

A good sign-up bonus is an excellent incentive for a new player to sign up to a particular casino.  You should look for a sign=up bonus that has a low wagering requirement (the amount that you need to outlay before you are permitted to cash out).  The most common sign-up bonuses include the ‘fixed’ bonus which is triggered by a set minimum deposited by the player. The ‘matching’ bonus which is usually a percentage of the deposited amount up to a pre-determined amount, and the occasional ‘no deposit’ bonus which requires no initial deposit by the player.

 9. Loyalty Programmes

Loyalty programs are an important consideration for players who intend to gamble regularly at a particular on-line casino.  These programmes are generally called VIP or Comp Programmes and can offer all sorts of different rewards to loyal players.  You learn about the loyalty programme of your chosen casino and perhaps compare this to ther loyalty programmes form other casinos.

 10. Playing Guides

The most professional and reputable on-line casinos will provide their players with detailed playing or help guides which are comprehensive guides to playing individual games.  You should read these guides carefully to ensure that they are helpful to you and easy to understand.




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