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When online casinos and poker rooms first began on the internet there were few options that players could use to buy into a game. The obvious first choice was a credit card, and even today credit cards are used more often than any other form of buying into a casino. Many countries have put efforts forward to stop online gaming, and this has had an effect on how we are able to bank with some casinos. Depending on where you live in the world, you may be forced to find options other than a credit card if you want to play your favorite slots game online.

The best improvement in online banking has been the debit card option. This allows the player to buy in using their debit card, which takes money directly from their account. This option is not only convenient but it also offers an extra level of security because a pin number must be used to complete the transaction. This also cuts out the middle man and you don’t have a third party to deal with every transaction.

E-wallets can be set up rather easily and require little time to maintain. Once they’re set up you can buy in direct without any hassles and, like the debit card, a digital wallet is safer due to the centering of the user’s account at a single company. The thing about these banking options is that some countries like the United States have targeted these companies in an attempt to stop them from doing business with online casinos and poker rooms.

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