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Online casino slots are a very popular game at online casinos. Though often thought of as a basic casino game, there is actually more to a online casino slot machine than one might think. It’s not just as simple as picking any old game and pulling the arm. There is an advantage in getting to know exactly what type of online slot machine you’re about to play.

There are three main types of slots: flat top or basic slot machine, progressive, and video slots. Of course in the world of online casino slot machines, video slots may simply be grouped within either of the first two categories. Knowing the types alone isn’t enough however; there are also a variety of multi-payline and multi-reel combinations just to complicate things further. But don’t worry -this page has been written especially for that reason- to give people a chance to understand the world of slot machines a little better.

Basic Slots

Although often referred to as ‘basic’, there are many types and styles of basic slots. What categorizes a slot machine as ‘basic’ is the nature of its jackpot. If a machine has a constant top jackpot that doesn’t change with the money played through the machine, it’s known as a basic slot. Basic slots are often of a lower denomination, and are known to offer smaller and more frequent wins, perfect for players who like to play for extended period on a limited bankroll.

Basic slots may also have multiple paylines and multiple reels available. The classic example of a online casino slots machine has a single payline running across the center of three reels. To add another payline means to view the set of symbols above or below the center payline as another possible winning line. If you don’t have a win on a normal payline, but the symbols above the normal payline are three sevens, you can still win. The majority of multiple payline machines activate each payline for each coin you put in the machine. Playing maximum coins will ensure all paylines are always covered.

Progressive Slots

Unlike basic slots, the jackpot amount on progressive slot machines increases according to the amount of money played through them. It’s sort of like the lottery; the more people play, the bigger the jackpot gets – until someone wins it. Progressive jackpot machines most often display the total jackpot number in large numbers at the top of the machine. This number usually increases right in front of your eyes, as people play the progressive elsewhere and contribute to a growing jackpot. Once a jackpot is hit, the progressive number will be reset down to a base level and begin growing again. A progressive jackpot slot machine often requires maximum coins to be played for the major jackpot to payout.

As a general rule of thumb, always take note of the pay table being presented for the machine you’re playing. If the potential wins increases dramatically between one, two, or three coins being played, it may be in your best interest to play a larger number of coins.

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