Live Dealer Casinos

A fairly recent development in the on-line casino industry are live dealer casinos which allows for the human interaction that is generally lacking when players gamble on-line.  Live dealers not only add a human element to the on-line gambling experience, but also help to make the experience more authentic for the players – like they are a part of the game and not just playing against a non-human competitor via a cold, impersonal computer.  Thanks to the wonders of modern technology and high speed internet access, players can play live games against dealers from anywhere in the world.

Some players may not always prefer the online live dealer casinos experience, with complaints made about dealers taking breaks or chatting for too long therefore slowing down the game.  However this should all be taken as being a part of the live experience.  These dealers are real people and people will take breaks and chat with players and go on or off shifts as they would at a live venue.  Some dealers will deal faster or slower than others and all of these things are a part of the overall live gambling experience.  If a player doesn’t agree with the interruptions or the pace of the live on-line game they should probably stick with other non-live gambling options.  The live dealer games might not be the right choice for them.

A more serious downside to the live gaming option, however, is the situation experienced by many players where a dealer just isn’t dealing fairly or is actually cheating.  Live venues have numerous safeguards in place to ensure that dealers are playing fairly and patrons have the option of taking their complaints against dealers to the pit boss.  However on-line casinos don’t offer any such safeguards and if the casinos themselves are monitoring the performance of their dealers there is no guarantee that any rules are enforced.  This can make players suspicious and wary about playing against on-line live dealers unless they are highly experienced in the game.

Keeping these things in mind, though, the live online dealer experience can still be a fun alternative to a live casino for those players who are looking for a more authentic casino experience from the comfort of their own home.

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