Once Upon a Time 3d Slot Game

Once Upon a Time is a animated 3D slot game from Betsoft playable at Cosmik Casino or Deuce Club Casino.

Once upon a time, in a land far away… There was a 3D Slot Game like never before seen. Where sneaky goblins ran amok, stealing every valuable in sight. Where a brave knight sets off to rescue a beautiful maiden, and where a dangerous, menacing dragon stood in his way! You’re invited to a magical world of fantastic entertainment, when you play Once Upon A Time!


•    Two exciting full animation bonus rounds offer amusement and entertainment for the player
•    Wild reels and free spins modes feature exciting, full-screen animation
•    Save the Princess and be a hero
•    30 lines results in many ways for your player to win

Once Upon a Time 3d Slot Game

Try the Once Upon a Time 3d Slot Game below.

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