Enchanted 3d Slot Game

Enchanted Slot Game is a animated 3D slot game from Betsoft playable at Cosmik Casino or Deuce Club Casino.

You’ve entered the land of mysterious lights, suspended in stardust where fairies take flight, and wizards create magic to brighten the way for the ogres and fairies to romp and play! Feera the fairy disappears through the fog the moment she turns Rufus from an ogre into a frog. And Elrid the wizard turns a cow into a hen, while Tonk the elf switched gears back again. To become a tornado soaring way up high, a magical hat will spin through the sky. The mystical treasures just keep flying by. Has a bit of a fortune caught your eye? So do come and visit and stay for a while… it is for certain you’ll depart with a smile. The land of mystery, fortune and fun is the land of ENCHANTED, equal to none.


•    Enchanted FREE SPINS feature all four unique and fun characters with many bonus wins!
•    Save Feera the fairy’s little birdie in the SECOND SCREEN BONUS ROUND
•    Amazing magical spells and effects make every second dazzling for players
•    30-lines promise dozens of ways to win

Enchanted 3d Slot Game

Try the Enchanted 3d Slot Game below.

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