3d Slots

3d Slots are the latest in online slot machine technology taking the slot players experience to a whole new level. There are a number of cutting edge gaming software companies supplying cutting edge 3d slot machines to leading online casinos. We feature a number of 3d slot machines from leading gaming companies such as Betsoft Gaming and more.

3d slot Games

Below we have a selection of some Betsoft online 3d slot games. These games can be played at Cosmic Casino. We also have 3d slot machine reviews as well as the ability for you to apply the games on our site.

CosmikCasinoThe Slotfather
Scientific advances have always benefited human kind, but never like this! Dr. Walter Prescott has discovered a formula to convert inanimate objects into...GOLD! We don't quite know how, but all those countless days squirreled away in his laboratory have paid off in MAD SCIENTIST!

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CosmikCasinoGladiator Slot
The most epic warriors in history clash in the glory days of Rome in GLADIATOR. Welcome to the Arena, where the battle of strength, agility, skill and wit is a matter of life or death. Only the strong and the brave shall enter to win unimaginable wealth and the adoration of an entire nation.

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CosmikCasinoAztec Treasure
The ancient civilization of the great Aztecs is brought back to life where endless amounts of priceless gold, jewels and hidden treasures are within your reach. Beautiful pyramids, exotic jaguars, and valuable stones are around every turn that can only lead to one thing... the rarest Aztec Treasures.

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CosmikCasinoA night in Paris
Take a breathtaking journey to the fabled City of Lights, straight into the Museum of Paris - where many priceless works of art are just waiting to be nabbed by the entertaining, yet hapless art thief Jacques.
Working to protect the museum from the thefts is the faithful security guard Jerome LaBaste. Accompanied by his trusty canine friend Pierre, they are bound and determined to stymie this villainous larceny and keep the art where it belongs - the museum!

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CosmikCasino2 Million Years Ago in a land before time the earth sat perfectly still until.. Women. Wanted. diamonds.
Now there's only one man determined enough and brave enough to take a journey of epic proportions.
But be careful seekers because jungle isn't always as safe as it seems.
So grab a friend and join in the adventure of a lifetime when you journey back to 2 MILLION BC.

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You've entered the land of mysterious lights, suspended in stardust where fairies take flight, and wizards create magic to brighten the way for the ogres and fairies to romp and play!

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CosmikCasinoMad Scientist
Scientific advances have always benefited human kind, but never like this! Dr. Walter Prescott has discovered a formula to convert inanimate objects into...GOLD

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CosmikCasinoOnce Upon A Time
Once upon a time, in a land far away... There was a 3D Slot Game like never before seen. Where sneaky goblins ran amok, stealing every valuable in sight. Where a brave knight sets off to rescue a beautiful maiden, and where a dangerous, menacing dragon stood in his way!

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CosmikCasinoAt the Movies
The lights go down. The curtains part. The show is ready to begin! Will you see a blockbuster action flick? A dreamy romance? A hilarious comedy? The choices are endless! So grab your popcorn and drink, because all the magic of the cinema is at your fingertips when you play At the Movies.

Real Play 3d Slots

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